I teach Consumer Insight in the full time IMC Master’s program, a required core class, as well as the Global Perspectives class, the Advance Consumer Insight Methods class (with Rita Denny), and undergraduate Consumer Insight courses. I also supervise students working at companies and organizations during the IMC Master’s program’s Summer Immersion Quarter. IMC Master’s students have awarded me the “IMC Professor of the Year” award and undergraduate students have placed me on the Faculty “Honor Roll.”

My teaching philosophy centers on deeper understanding. Beyond memorization, I challenge students to apply their new knowledge developed throughout the courses I teach to the world around them. Recognizing that learning styles are varied, I present class materials through a variety of pedagogical techniques. I use assignments with consumers, in and out of class group exercises, lectures, case studies, topically relevant video material, and advertising analysis to help students apply important concepts for understanding the ways in which consumption fits into people’s lives.